Kuala Lumpar

I remember reading somewhere that when you travel, half the fun is getting there… if this was the case we were in for a cr@p holiday!! Our plane left just before 3am, so we left home at midnight with 2 very tired children (they had had a few hours sleep). Note to self: avoid midnight flights in the future if at all possible! The flight was only 7 and a half hours long, the kids now class anything under 17 hours as a short trip. Charlotte flew fine, despite refusing to sleep and was happy enough to watch TV and charm the hostesses.  Unfortunately Lachie completed his usual pre-holiday detox and vomited for 6 hours straight. It was an extremely turbulent flight, even Clint and I felt queasy at different stages.

But we all survived and landed in time for a fantastic afternoon storm complete with thunder, lightning and dark, dark skies (yes, I realize only people from the desert get excited about rain on their holidays) as we made our way to our wonderful hotel. We could not have picked a better spot. Located in central Kl, walking distance to fantastic eateries and a monorail stop just outside to whip us around the city. Clint’s brother Brett, Keli and their three children flew in from oz the following day and we quickly filled our days shopping, playing tourist, shopping, swimming, eating, shopping and shopping. I think the children were going to rebel if we dragged them to the markets one more time!

Ready for dinner

Fish spa- the fish don't have teeth but are meant to remove dead skin and increase circulation... very weird feeling!

World's worst pony rides!

and now Lala's turn

Brigitte helping Lala to see

Taking it all in.

Family shot at Batu caves

The snakes were much more interesting than the temples for the kids.

My angels

Batu caves entrance... note the stairs on the left

The kids half way up.


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