School has been back for  nearly 5 weeks now and the kids have settled into their new routines nicely, must be time for a holiday! It is half term next week so we are planning on heading to Muscat for 4 days- another new country for the kids to explore!

The school had an open day last week, I am constantly amazed by how much they are learning and the resources/ facilities the school has. It would be a fantastic place to teach… not that I have any plans to return to the class room just yet 🙂

Charlotte and her friend Alexa


Lachlan hard at work

Last weekend was a busy one, although no birthday parties which was nice for a change! Lachie had rugby training Thursday night and as Clint is now helping out with the coaching that keeps the boys busy for the evening. La and I generally stay at home and have dinner together followed by a movie… she loves the Barbie movies at present. Once the boys got home I met up with some girlfriends for a lovely evening of drinks and gossip.

It was the weekend of the dragon boat racing, Clint’s team having trained a whole 4 times, were thrilled to go straight through to the semi’s on Saturday after blitzing their first race on Friday morning. That meant we were able to head out and do some jobs Friday and go out for lunch before Lachie had a special Rugby training sessions at the Palace.

One of the royal family plays in his team and invited the whole team over for training. No men are allowed so I took him and unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos either. As per usual, they are so generous and go completely overboard and the kids ‘trained’ on stomachs filled with popcorn, soft drink, ice-cream and pizza before being given McDonald’s after training for dinner. But they all had a lovely time which is the main thing! The new season uniforms haven’t arrived yet, but Lachie has been able to borrow a spare one from last year so he matches the rest of the team.

Reading for training

We left the kids at home Friday night and headed to the beach bbq for the dragon boating. It was a great night and lovely to sit down and catch up with lots of friends, although it is still quite warm even in the evenings, should be really pleasant out at night in another month or so.

Saturday we spent at the dragon boat festival.

Cheering Clint on in the semi

Although it was stinking hot, the kids had fun swimming in the pool and playing on the beach for the day. The boys made it through to the final (they were actually defending champions) a great achievement considering how many teams there are, some of whom train all year round!


Team meeting before the final


heading to the start- you can see the Grand Mosque in the background


Cooling off before the start of the race


Ready to start the final


After waiting all afternoon for the final- the kids missed it. Playing in the sand took preference.


Close race






It was a hotly contested final, and the boys came in a very close second. A fantastic effort!! The boat that won had been training all year- so that made the boys feel even better about their second place! The prize was a membership at the beach club for the Shangri La (where the event was held) so they will be more photos coming like the one below!







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