Got to love the British system, having only been back at school a few weeks it was half term last weekend! For some reason, British schools here have similar holidays to those in the UK but forget the minor details like the kids started school 2 weeks later here due to Eid… but that’s the way it is so we made the most of it and headed to Muscat in Oman for 4 days.

Although it is ‘next door’ it really seems a world away, everything is so much more efficient, the locals are so friendly and it really is a beautiful country. We all really enjoyed our time there.

View from our room


Water park with a view


The resort has a tube ride that goes for about 500m and links the resort pools. Kids loved it.




Checking out the crabs with Clint


Heading out on the kayak... while I got to read 🙂

We also explored the old muscat town- amazing buildings, forts, palaces etc and went to the souk. Unlike here where they demolished all the old souks and replaced them with new buildings and tenants like Starbuck’s; Muscat still has an amazing old style souk. With long thin aisles packed with shops and stuff, the souk was so bright with colours, noises and lots of locals doing their daily shop.

Kids thought it was like a huge treasure chest












The highlight of the trip for the kids was going out on a boat to see the dolphins. We were a bit worried for a while that there were not going to be any but eventually found a pod of round 40 to follow and watch. Charlotte was in awe.


Watching the dolphins


My little Marilyn


Mr cool


Looking back at the resort from the boat







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