Let it snow!

December 29, 2010

The day after the kids finished school for the term and Clint and I joined mates at the ‘Guns and Roses’ concert (therefore having little sleep) ¬†we flew out to Japan. The plane was delayed an hour but apart from that the 10 hour flight was uneventful. We scored a few extra seats allowing the kids to lie down for the night although poor Lachie got his usual bout of travel sickness. After arriving in Tokyo we caught a taxi to Hakuba which took about 5 hours. Just as the kids were both starting to be over the travel, they started to see snow and the frustration was quickly replaced with pure excitement.

We had rented 2 chalets in Hakuba which is an alpine village, positioned in the center of the Japan Alps, surrounded by 6 ski fields, it has also hosted the alpine events for the winter olympics. My sister and her family drove from Shioya to join us for 4 days of snow fun.

Playing in snow for the first time

Lachie's first day on the ski's

La's up

and now she has had enough!

Kids made a snowman outside our chalet

Clint "carving it up" (yes- his words)

Cousins- Lachie and Sam

Charlotte and Josh

La's and Lucy

Confident enough to head up the chair lift

End of the run

Our snow princess

While there wasn’t a huge amount of snow (2 days after we left they got 18 inches in 6 hours and it kept going) there was enough for the kids to start learning and more up the top of the mountains for Clint and Paul (my brother-in-law). I managed a few runs on the ski’s each day before La’s had enough of the skiing and wanted to play in the snow. The kids also got to see a blizzard and experience snow falling…. their faces seeing this and snow for the first time was completely priceless.

School Photos

December 11, 2010

Here are my little angels. La’s looking the way she does at the end of most days!

Year 2

Fs2 (second year of school)