Jan/Feb 2011

February 12, 2011

Goodness me, half way through February already! The days and weeks seem to just fly by at the moment. It is a lovely time of the year here at present as the temperature hovers around the 30 degrees most days- perfect, but not a good sign for how hot Summer will get seeing this is meant to be winter!

Last month Clint did a triathlon (olympic distance) at Yas Island, the first to be held there. They swam (1.5k) in the marina, rode (40 k) the formula 1 track and ran (10 k) on the drag strip. It was one of the first times the kids have actually seen him race from start to finish as it was all in the one spot and a fantastic set up for spectators. Waves left every 20 mins so there were lots of people to cheer on and with the bike leg on the track, it was 7 laps so every few minutes someone went past that the kids knew. The only down side was that the waves were random so the first person to cross the line wasn’t actually the winner.

Well done Daddy!

Lachie is still loving Rugby and has improved out of sight. They train Thursday nights and then play most Saturdays, we have been lucky as only the even number teams (Lachie is under 7’s so odd) travel the long distances to places like Sharjah and Bahrain. We have managed to score either home games or in Dubai (still and hour and a half away). He was very proud to be awarded player of the match 2 weeks ago after their game against the Dubai Exiles. Abu Dhabi Harlequins

Charlotte and I have ‘girls night’ Thursday nights while the boys are at training, but we go to all his games to cheer him on.

new party dress from Aunty Fi

My little Princess

Having ridden her bike twice since last April (due to hot weather and lazy parents), Clint has taken Charlotte out on her bike the last few weekends and now she has her training wheels off! We are very proud of her.

Go La's

Daddy not far behind... just incase

Last week Lachie had both year 1/2 sports day and year 2 olympics at school. Sports day for his age is non-competitive with all the kids having a go at all the activities. He had a lot of fun.

future golf star

rapid fire- a fast moving team sport game that all the kids love

The year 2 fruit olympics was the culmination of their “fighting fit” topic. The 5 classes competed against each other in a range of different games. Lachie’s class was the eventual winner.

A very happy winner

slow and steady...

Need to work on that skipping!

Tangled mid-race

My boy

Introducing Dr Charlotte Theil

Dr Theil

Last week, as the culmination of their topic, Charlotte’s year level got to dress as what they would like to be when they grow up.  Apparently she is going to be a Doctor- one that specialises in fixing everything.

The little ones from our compound. Noah (fs 1 were dressed as book characters), Claire, Ben and Charlotte

Princess Hannah, Charlotte, teacher Lucy and nurse Miriam- Charlotte and her friends

Dr Charlotte and vet Shoni (one of Charlotte's best friends)

Charlotte and her other best friend Lexi

Charlotte and her wonderful teacher Miss Morton

I am currently trying to work out our travel plans for the year. We were meant to be going to Egypt next month, obviously that has now been put on hold! We are hoping to head to Cyprus for the April holidays, Clint will be back in Oz  for 2 weeks in May  (the kids and I wont be joining him) and we will all be back in October as Clint’s brother is getting married. Still trying to work out what to do for the long hot Summer vacation- the kids have 10 weeks off school. I may take them back to Oz for a bit and we are also hoping to get over to London- hurry up and move house Fi!

In the meantime it’s valentine’s day (a dry night here as it is the prophets birthday the next day) soon, here’s an idea…

Who needs roses?