Charlotte’s hospital stay

Not happy about the IV

For close to a month Lala has been struggling with a persistent cough. She had visited a Doctor every couple of weeks and we were originally told it is just the sand in the air irritating her throat, a reasonable diagnosis as the sand storms have been persistent and the cough was not at all deep. Last Sunday however, she was sent home from school with a slight fever and proceeded to go downhill over the course of the day and her cough seemed to get deeper and more ‘chestier’ (is that even a word?). So Monday morning I took her off to the Doctor again, this time they decided something wasn’t right and within an hour Charlotte had had x-rays and blood tests and the results were¬†pneumonia!

Clint was working in Dubai so they allowed me to take her home to pack her bag as long as she was back within the hour to be admitted to hospital. She was in the girls children’s ward- I am sure the only difference between the girls and the boys wards are the colour stripes painted on the wall! The children’s ward here is very unlike the Mater or RBH, the only thing differentiating her room from an adults room were 6 pictures printed from a computer of dolls and baby bottles! But she was lucky to have her own room, which was great when you consider the majority of patients speak different languages and the locals live by completely different body clocks, and have no regard for visiting hours which officially finished at 8pm but the room opposite us still had visitors (adults and kids) up to midnight.

She was only in for 3 days and the IV drip, although she fought it, made a huge difference. Clint hooked our media link up to the tv as all the kid stations were in Arabic, so she filled her days with reading, drawing and watching television, and like me, slowly going crazy with being confined in a small room. The food was actually pretty good, not that La’s ate much the first few days but the adult meals were good. I stayed in with her and just ducked home each morning and night for a shower while Clint sat with her. Lachs also came up each afternoon to see her.

She was discharged late Wednesday afternoon (that was a process in itself) and was welcomed home with a lovely bright sign on the door that Lachs had made and a bag of cards from her classmates as well as a lovely stuffed toy from her teacher, who had emailed daily to find out how she was.

She had a fairly quite weekend, although I did allow her to go to a neighbours birthday party (she was devastated about missing the other one later the same day) and she came out for a couple of hours to see Clint finish his race on the Saturday. She was back to school and ballet yesterday and this afternoon went home to a friend’s house after school. As of this morning she is also off the medication, so she is all better and I have caught up on all the lost sleep!

Keeping busy


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