Abu Dhabi International Triathlon

The second annual Abu Dhabi International Triathlon was held last weekend, the event has more than doubled in size since last year and the number of professional Ironman/triathletes that flew in to race was really quite extraordinary. There were team events, a sprint distance, short course and long (3km swim, 200km cycle, 20km run) course which was the one Clint did.

With La being sick all week, Lachs having a birthday party at the other end of the island and the course not really set up for spectators, the kids and I only went out to watch the end of Clint’s race. Thank goodness we were only there for the last 2 hours, it was over 40 degrees and although their had been lots of wind on the bike leg it was still and HOT by the time they started the run. It was so hot the medic tents were overflowing and there were a lot that did not finish.

Unlike Ironman where you can get disqualified for running down the chute with non-racers, this tri didn’t have the same rule so Lachie waited in eager anticipation for Clint to hit the final stretch, so they could finish the race together. Lachie was so excited to cross the line with Clint… and get daddy’s hard-earned medal!

Pulling Dad across the line

Clint was really happy with his time he finished in 8 hours and 40 mins, coming 4th in his age group and beating some of the professionals times.

Proudly wearing Dad's medal (and an ice-cream grin)

unfortunately this all came back up on the trip home... but that's another post!!


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