This week the children are on holidays again- 2 school terms down, 1 to go!

In the last week of school both the kids had special days at school. To culminate their topic of “Once Upon a TIme” all 5 year 2 classes did the play of “CInderella and The Hot Air Balloon”. Lachie was a frog who gets turned into the band for the party at Cinderella’s house.

My Frog- yes I had to make the costume!

6 little frogs

Lachie's class singing

The frog band- Cinderella dancing on stage

125+ kids do the Macarena- mostly in time!

Lachie and Princess Hamda as frogs

Lachs and some of the girls in his class

Lachie and his 2 best mates at school

Charlotte’s topic for the second half of the term was ‘expeditions’ and to culminate they had an exploration day. She had such a great day searching for hidden animals in slime and tunnels, hunting for treasure in sand, finding hidden clues around the school to make sentences e.t.c


ready to go


Charlotte and Lucy


Alex, Hannah, La and Lexi


Waiting for school to start

We are having this week at home, the kids are enjoying playing and being able to hang around, Charlotte has braved the pool but it is still a little cool for Lachs.  Marie (our lovely maid) is also on holidays and has gone home to the Philippines for 2 weeks- so of course we have had sand storms every day giving me lots of practice at cleaning again 🙂 We are heading to Cyprus on Friday for 5 nights and am looking forward to it… next entry should have photos from there!








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