We have just returned from 5 nights in Cyprus, it was the first time Clint and I had been and we had a fabulous time together with the kids. We stayed in an apartment in the little village of Peiga overlooking Coral Bay and not far from Phaphos.

View from the balcony

We spent a morning exploring the Tombs of the Kings. No actual royalty was ever buried there, the name comes from the grandeur of the tombs, it is amazing to me that you can wander around and climb through all the tombs with little restrictions (also amazing to have them bordered by a main road, hotel, ocean and a KFC). It seems there is little being done to save them for future generations, I think they figure they have been around for thousands of years so they are not going anywhere. That said, they are absolutely amazing and were the highlight of the holiday for both Lachie and Charlotte.

The area was covered in wild flowers and hidden tombs that are yet to be excavated

Kids loved climbing and exploring

Down into another tomb

The kids and me

Lots of tunnels in all directions

La in a burial chamber

The kids were unstoppable up and down all the stairs

This was my favourite tomb, its amazing to think they built these without all the modern-day gadgets and can get perfectly even walls

This is the latest tomb to be restored

Off they go again

Bordered by the sea on one side- amazing scenery

Lach and La again

Hanging out in a burial chamber

There are so many archeological sites around Cyprus, we only explored a couple and although the tombs were the definite favourite; Kourin archeological reserve was great as well. In recent years they have built shelters and viewing platforms around the site so you can not walk all over them anymore. The kids were disappointed not being able to run through the columns and buildings but I was glad they are being looked after! They were able to climb through the amphitheatre though!

At the amphitheatre

While lots of British seem to retire and holiday in Cyprus for the weather and the beaches, I have to say the beaches did nothing for me. Lachie and Charlotte enjoyed throwing rocks in the water and it was too cold to swim anyway.

We are far too spoilt in Australia to call this a beach!!!

According to the guide books the ‘Baths of Aphrodite” are a must see, while the walk through the botanic garden to see them was scenic, the baths themselves was fairly uninspiring in my humble opinion. Legend has it that if you dip your hand in the water, the next person of the opposite sex to do so will fall madly in lust with you forever, not sure who was after me but judging by the tour group heading in as we left I don’t think I’ll be abandoning Clint anytime soon!

At the baths

The cave on the side was more interesting for the kids

Lachie is still loving the Rugby, he would carry his ball everywhere if I let him! Every spare moment he wants Clint to take him to the park to play, he even scored his first try’s the week before our trip.

Rugby with Dad at Latchi beach

In the middle of Cyprus is the Trodus mountains, we had been told of the scenic drive and cute little villages so we headed up one day. Unless you were there to hike the town of Trodus itself was disappointing but some of the other towns more then made up for it.

At the top (well as close as I was going to let them get)

Homus for lunch! Charlotte was in heaven with the food- homus, olives and feta being 3 of her favourite things

Wandering the markets of Omodos

Lachie loves his sport and was very excited to discover a mini-golf course in Coral Bay, it is actually one thing they don’t have in the U.A.E.

My little garden gnome waiting her turn

A hole in one on this hole- very pleased with himself 🙂

We had seen pictures of this area but actually came across them by accident while driving through Phaphos looking for something else.

Built in the 13th century, the church in the background is still used. The rest of the site is now cordoned off, there are plans to excavate the site.

Another angle

Lachs having a quiet moment

We also took the kids to the city of Nicosia, or Lefkosia as it is called by the locals. It is the only capital city in the world still divided with Greek Cyprus (where we were) on one side and the Turkish occupied Cyprus (since the war in 1974) on the other. as it is still a ‘functioning wall’ with crossings patrolled by the UN you can not take photos. You are able to cross over to the other side but we didn’t have time so just walked to the crossing and looked.


It was a great holiday despite a few hic-ups; they turned the villages water off for 24 hours and we managed to lock ourselves out- hopefully the first and the last time we do that on holidays! As with every holiday, Lachie didn’t want to come home and is now going to live in Cyprus when he is an adult (until now it has been Germany). Charlotte also didn’t want to leave till we reminded her it was her birthday party the day after we got home- which was today, photos soon!!


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