5 years old!!!

It’s hard to believe that my “baby” is 5! She certainly makes our lives interesting; on one hand she loves to entertain, make people laugh and has the most amazing memory and imagination. She loves to cuddle and is apparently going to live with Mummy forever. However we also have the other side of her personality-  a drama queen with dramatic crying on cue who is not phased by any punishment, still unbelievably stubborn and determined and is very ‘street smart’, although the ‘street smart’ aspect keeps her teachers amused and they enjoy telling me daily of her latest exploits and comments in class.

It was back to school yesterday for the first day of final (3rd) term, getting out of bed wasn’t a problem as she knew she had to be ready for school before opening her presents (got to love bribery).

Present opening before school

Loving her new shoes

One happy girl

Opening her present from Lachie

She had a great day at school, one of the boys in her class had his birthday the day before so they spent the last 15mins of school playing party games for La and Simon. After school she had ballet where her new shoes were a hit with all the girls! Then last night we had dinner at home; Fajita’s followed by chocolate chip waffles and ice-cream was the birthday request. Before opening the rest of her presents.

While we were singing happy birthday

The facial expression I seem to see a lot!

Make a wish

Looks like she is inhaling the smoke!

Time for more presents

Hurry up and take the photo

Clint told her to pose and this is what she did 🙂


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  1. fiona says:

    Beautiful Photos!!

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