Easter and beyond!

May 12, 2011

I have just realized Charlotte’s birthday was the last post, so will now have to test my memory as to what we have been up to recently!

The school held its first annual spring ball on Good Friday, raising money for Cancer reasearch. It was a great night and fun to get all dressed up and go dancing. Being only a week out from Ironman Clint was not drinking and thus did well to stay awake till the early hours of the morning!

Spring Ball

The morning after the ball we took the kids on a much promised trip to Ferrari World. It was a fun day out but to be honest not something I would go back to, nice to tick it off the list though. The kids enjoyed themselves although Charlotte was a little short for some of the rides. Ferrari World

Lachs loved all the race cars

Kids amusing themselves while I lined up for tickets!

La's favorite thing- having balloon butterfly wings made for her 🙂

3D glasses for a 4D ride

Cheeky driver

They may have the world's fastest roller-coaster but this has got to be the world's slowest ride!!

Lachs on the starting grid

Lachs driving round the track

Drivers ed training- probably more intense than they give you to go on the actual roads here


Lachie driving like a local- turning from the wrong lane causing an accident

Easter was a bit of a non event here. Of course the Easter bunny paid a visit but after a quick egg hunt it was off to school and Clint also flew out to Australia that morning. The Easter bunny cleverly decided to bring the kids only big eggs which stops me eating one every time I open the fridge!

La still half asleep, Lachs already on the hunt


Clint flew back to Australia for 2 weeks to race the Ironman in Port Macquarie with a group of mates from his old tri club. he had a great race and despite the crazy winds on the bike managed to cut 20mins off his personal best time coming in at 10hrs 48mins. It was very weird to watch him on-line rather than be there, I got up at midnight for the start of the swim and dozed off during part of the bike. Checked on him as the kids got ready for school and then they put it on for me at the gym so I could keep up with his progress. Times it perfectly to be home watching the live stream as he crossed the finishing line… the only question now is where will the next race be!

Each term the school holds an open morning where you can go in and see the school in action. It’s nice to be able to wander through the classrooms and see them in action. the technology and the way it is used at the school constantly amazes me.

Waiting for the day to start

Lachie- writing on whiteboards playing a literacy game against the interactive board.

La- swimming lesson

Hmm my daughter and friends amusing themselves totally ignoring the swimming teacher.

And again distracting others

my busy little man

apparently it is still Spring, however I beg to differ, yesterday when I went to pick Charlotte up from school the car temperature was reading 50 degrees. The kids are in the pool every afternoon which tires them out quite nicely. We took advantage of the weather and headed with all our neighbors to a beach bbq at one of the local hotels.

Kailey and La

The 'big' compound kids

the 3 ratbag five year olds, who cause more trouble then the other 13 kids put together

Claire and Charlotte

Reminds me of a scene from Lord of the Flies. Ethan (10) leading the soon to be 7 years olds

Tanya, Sue, Haley and I

The boys amusing themselves

Lachie has loved playing rugby union this year and was devastated to find out that not only was the season was nearly over, but that Clint would miss the last training session and the end of year gathering due to his trip to Oz. Lachs has grown so much playing this season and it has been great watching his skills develop. he didn’t win the award but was one of the 4 nominated for most improved. He is already looking forward to the next season.

Under 7's

Clint arrived home in the early hours of mother’s day. The kids were both very excited to see him, it has been a long time since he has traveled for that long without us! although I think half of Charlotte’s excitement came from knowing Mama and Papa had sent presents back with him. It was also the day of Charlotte’s school play, so after a lovely morning of brunch at the Shangri-La hotel with lots of other Aussie/American and Kiwi Mums I met Clint at school for FS2 performance of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. It was very cute- quite an effort to have 125 five years olds performing at the one time.

My little star

Mid performance

Claire and Charlotte

Fingers crossed there will be a new post soon with lots of exciting news!!