On the move

I may have to type fast before I loose my seat! Once again our life is currently getting packed into boxes! But unlike the previous 4 times, it  is not to move 10km, this time we are heading back to Brisbane.

It has been a hectic few months, the Brisbane job has been on the cards for a few months and involved phone interviews etc. Then we hit a stumbling block in that before they could make a formal offer Clint needed to have a medical, of course he was unable to find a place to do that here. Luckily the new company (BMA) said they would wait and thus while Clint was back in Australia for Ironman he was able to do it. Although with his dodgy hearing it took another couple of weeks and a visit to an ENT guy back here before we got the written offer. Finally after months of knowing we were able to tell and shock all our friends here who thought they would all be first to leave! And hopefully excite all our friends and family back home whom we have missed!

It’s a big move for Clint after 17 years with Thiess- they have been so good to him but he is ready for a change and new challenges. He is really excited about the new job which involves remediation after mining (or something like that- on the plus side I no longer have to visit rubbish tips- I mean Renewable Energy And Waste Management Facilities). It also means spending some time up North, which is where most of his family is based so that is also great… booking his room in now Linda 🙂


I should put some photos up from the last month and if I have time I will but for now…

Sunday was Lachie’s (and my) birthday. Although recovering from jet lag (either that or feeling my age), the kids went to school and I had a lovely lunch with a dozen fabulous ladies whom I will miss very much! In the afternoon Lachie had a party at our pool with the compound kids. Nice and easy with pizzas ordered and Clint made a football cake- he excelled himself again getting the 3D football shape! Having watched all the kids grow up together for 3 years they are like cousins and we will miss our compound family, although my liver wont!! We spent the previous week in London (hence the jet lag) with Fi and Steve, It was fantastic- so fun to take the kids to all the places they have learnt about at school and seen in their home readers. They both had a ball, and got lots of time with Fi and Steve who kindly vacated their bedroom for al of us while they slept in the lounge. We will miss all the travel we have been able to do whilst we have been living here.

The packers will spend the next 3 days packing, we then plan to ‘camp’ in our villa (air con and bathrooms- my kind of camping) for a week or so before moving into a self-contained apartment for the last few days while we get power and water clearances and collect deposits etc. The lovely Marie is moving to a friend of ours, which is great as I know she will be well looked after. We will miss her too- not just all the things she does! the kids have 2 and a half weeks of school left, they are still unsure about the move. They want to go back to Australia but will miss here and were not happy when I said we will probably not be visiting! At school they are currently getting ready to move up to the next grade which doesn’t help as they are both not happy about having to go back into grades they have already finished but that life!

We fly out on the 1st (by then I am going to be in serious need of detox from farewell drinks) and will spend a couple of nights in Singapore before arriving in Brisbane. We will stay with Mum and Dad till our stuff arrives then not sure where we will be. The tenants have a lease until January so unless we can manage to negotiate them out early (we are trying) we will rent somewhere for 5 months before we move back into our house. The kids will have time off school as they have just done a whole year, until our stuff arrives mid August, by them I will (in theory) have chosen a school and off they will go!


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