5 years old!!!

April 18, 2011

It’s hard to believe that my “baby” is 5! She certainly makes our lives interesting; on one hand she loves to entertain, make people laugh and has the most amazing memory and imagination. She loves to cuddle and is apparently going to live with Mummy forever. However we also have the other side of her personality- ┬áa drama queen with dramatic crying on cue who is not phased by any punishment, still unbelievably stubborn and determined and is very ‘street smart’, although the ‘street smart’ aspect keeps her teachers amused and they enjoy telling me daily of her latest exploits and comments in class.

It was back to school yesterday for the first day of final (3rd) term, getting out of bed wasn’t a problem as she knew she had to be ready for school before opening her presents (got to love bribery).

Present opening before school

Loving her new shoes

One happy girl

Opening her present from Lachie

She had a great day at school, one of the boys in her class had his birthday the day before so they spent the last 15mins of school playing party games for La and Simon. After school she had ballet where her new shoes were a hit with all the girls! Then last night we had dinner at home; Fajita’s followed by chocolate chip waffles and ice-cream was the birthday request. Before opening the rest of her presents.

While we were singing happy birthday

The facial expression I seem to see a lot!

Make a wish

Looks like she is inhaling the smoke!

Time for more presents

Hurry up and take the photo

Clint told her to pose and this is what she did ­čÖé

Charlotte’s party

April 15, 2011

I’m not sure what I was thinking┬áto have Charlotte’s party less than 20 hours after we flew back in from Cyprus! Her birthday is Sunday, which will be the first day back of term so I did want to do it over the holidays. It did mean that Clint only had a few hours to whip the cake up, I baked it and froze it before we left (thanks for the tip Liz). Clint wasn’t as happy with it as he has been with past cakes but for 9pm the night before then finishing off at 6m before work the next day I think it is a great effort.

Its been all about fairies ever since mama gave Charlotte her first "Rainbow Magic" fairy books for Xmas She is addicted to the chapter books and fairies!

Being unsure about the weather (last year it was over 40 degrees on her birthday) I wanted an inside venue, that along with her love of all things chocolate lead me to the Chocolate gallery at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr.

The venue

Although some of her friends were still traveling, she had 6 guests plus Lachie and herself and had an absolute ball. After opening her presents they decorated cookies with lots of icing and other chocolate goodies.

Staff setting up for cookie decorating

Waiting to start- the crossed legs of my "little lady" (arent looks deceiving)!

Stephanie, Charlotte and Claire- 3 little ladies

Hard at work

Lots of icing

Busy girls

Leenah (on the end) could get a job here!

Lots of fun

Dont they look delicious! Once the kids were done the cookies were boxed up for them to take home. here are Lalas masterpieces.

While waiting for the next activity, La’s showed how much she takes after Aunty Fi having a very in-depth conversation with her friend about SHOES!

Shoes, shoes, shoes

The conversation continues...

After cookies it was out for party games

running off the sugar

My birthday Princess xxxx

Then it was time for food. They had pizza’s followed by chocolate fondue for dessert.

They were delicious pizzas too

Chocolate fondue

Clean to start with

Chocolate monster

After filling up on chocolate, it was time for a chocolate hunt and more party games

Chocolate Hunt

Not the dress to do a sack (Egyptian cotton pillow case) race in!

Finally time for cake

Las shy face as the staff stared singing happy birthday and bringing out her cake

Birthday wishes

That massive basket next to the cake was a present for Las from the Gallery staff. It was full of chocolate- a ridiculous amount!

Cutting the cake

Having filled the kids with lots of sugar, they all headed home with their iced cookies and lots of chocolate and some prizes from the Gallery. Then it was off to rugby for Clint and Lachs and home for a bath and bed for Charlotte. Only 2 days till she turns 5, will post then!


April 14, 2011

We have just returned from 5 nights in Cyprus, it was the first time Clint and I had been and we had a fabulous time together with the kids. We stayed in an apartment in the little village of Peiga overlooking Coral Bay and not far from Phaphos.

View from the balcony

We spent a morning exploring the Tombs of the Kings. No actual royalty was ever buried there, the name comes from the grandeur of the tombs, it is amazing to me that you can wander around and climb through all the tombs with little restrictions (also amazing to have them bordered by a main road, hotel, ocean and a KFC). It seems there is little being done to save them for future generations, I think they figure they have been around for thousands of years so they are not going anywhere. That said, they are absolutely amazing and were the highlight of the holiday for both Lachie and Charlotte.

The area was covered in wild flowers and hidden tombs that are yet to be excavated

Kids loved climbing and exploring

Down into another tomb

The kids and me

Lots of tunnels in all directions

La in a burial chamber

The kids were unstoppable up and down all the stairs

This was my favourite tomb, its amazing to think they built these without all the modern-day gadgets and can get perfectly even walls

This is the latest tomb to be restored

Off they go again

Bordered by the sea on one side- amazing scenery

Lach and La again

Hanging out in a burial chamber

There are so many archeological sites around Cyprus, we only explored a couple and although the tombs were the definite favourite; Kourin archeological reserve was great as well. In recent years they have built shelters and viewing platforms around the site so you can not walk all over them anymore. The kids were disappointed not being able to run through the columns and buildings but I was glad they are being looked after! They were able to climb through the amphitheatre though!

At the amphitheatre

While lots of British seem to retire and holiday in Cyprus for the weather and the beaches, I have to say the beaches did nothing for me. Lachie and Charlotte enjoyed throwing rocks in the water and it was too cold to swim anyway.

We are far too spoilt in Australia to call this a beach!!!

According to the guide books the ‘Baths of Aphrodite” are a must see, while the walk through the botanic garden to see them was scenic, the baths themselves was fairly uninspiring in my humble opinion. Legend has it that if you dip your hand in the water, the next person of the opposite sex to do so will fall madly in lust with you forever, not sure who was after me but judging by the tour group heading in as we left I don’t think I’ll be abandoning Clint anytime soon!

At the baths

The cave on the side was more interesting for the kids

Lachie is still loving the Rugby, he would carry his ball everywhere if I let him! Every spare moment he wants Clint to take him to the park to play, he even scored his first try’s the week before our trip.

Rugby with Dad at Latchi beach

In the middle of Cyprus is the Trodus mountains, we had been told of the scenic drive and cute little villages so we headed up one day. Unless you were there to hike the town of Trodus itself was disappointing but some of the other towns more then made up for it.

At the top (well as close as I was going to let them get)

Homus for lunch! Charlotte was in heaven with the food- homus, olives and feta being 3 of her favourite things

Wandering the markets of Omodos

Lachie loves his sport and was very excited to discover a mini-golf course in Coral Bay, it is actually one thing they don’t have in the U.A.E.

My little garden gnome waiting her turn

A hole in one on this hole- very pleased with himself ­čÖé

We had seen pictures of this area but actually came across them by accident while driving through Phaphos looking for something else.

Built in the 13th century, the church in the background is still used. The rest of the site is now cordoned off, there are plans to excavate the site.

Another angle

Lachs having a quiet moment

We also took the kids to the city of┬áNicosia, or Lefkosia as it is called by the locals. It is the only capital city in the world still divided with Greek Cyprus (where we were) on one side and the Turkish occupied Cyprus (since the war in 1974) on the other. as it is still a ‘functioning wall’ with crossings patrolled by the UN you can not take photos. You are able to cross over to the other side but we didn’t have time so just walked to the crossing and looked.


It was a great holiday despite a few hic-ups; they turned the villages water off for 24 hours and we managed to lock ourselves out- hopefully the first and the last time we do that on holidays! As with every holiday, Lachie didn’t want to come home and is now going to live in Cyprus when he is an adult (until now it has been Germany). Charlotte also didn’t want to leave till we reminded her it was her birthday party the day after we got home- which was today, photos soon!!


April 5, 2011

This week the children are on holidays again- 2 school terms down, 1 to go!

In the last week of school both the kids had special days at school. To culminate their topic of “Once Upon a TIme” all 5 year 2 classes did the play of “CInderella and The Hot Air Balloon”. Lachie was a frog who gets turned into the band for the party at Cinderella’s house.

My Frog- yes I had to make the costume!

6 little frogs

Lachie's class singing

The frog band- Cinderella dancing on stage

125+ kids do the Macarena- mostly in time!

Lachie and Princess Hamda as frogs

Lachs and some of the girls in his class

Lachie and his 2 best mates at school

Charlotte’s topic for the second half of the term was ‘expeditions’ and to culminate they had an exploration day. She had such a great day searching for hidden animals in slime and tunnels, hunting for treasure in sand, finding hidden clues around the school to make sentences e.t.c


ready to go


Charlotte and Lucy


Alex, Hannah, La and Lexi


Waiting for school to start

We are having this week at home, the kids are enjoying playing and being able to hang around, Charlotte has braved the pool but it is still a little cool for Lachs. ┬áMarie (our lovely maid) is also on holidays and has gone home to the Philippines for 2 weeks- so of course we have had sand storms every day giving me lots of practice at cleaning again ­čÖé We are heading to Cyprus on Friday for 5 nights and am looking forward to it… next entry should have photos from there!